Board of Directors Contact Information

Stockholders and other interested parties may communicate with one or more members of Hillshire Brands’ Board of Directors, or the Chair of any Committee of the Board, by writing to the Board or a specific Committee Chair at:


Board of Directors {or specific Committee Chair}
c/o Kent Magill
Hillshire Brands Company
400 S. Jefferson Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607

Hillshire Brands’ Board of Directors has instructed the Secretary to forward communications to the Board, or to individual directors, as appropriate; however the Board also has instructed the Secretary to review all correspondence received and, at his discretion, not forward correspondence that is unrelated to the duties and responsibilities of the Board, such as business solicitations, advertising, and communications that are frivolous in nature, relate to routine business matters (such as product inquiries, complaints or suggestions), or raise grievances that are personal to the person submitting the communication. Any director, upon request, may review communications that are not forwarded to the directors pursuant to this policy.


Process for Nominating Potential Director Candidates

The Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee of Hillshire Brands' Board of Directors is responsible for identifying and evaluating potential director candidates and recommending qualified candidates to the Board for nomination. Hillshire Brands’ Corporate Governance Guidelines list key qualifications that the Committee considers when it evaluates potential director candidates. Our Corporate Governance Guidelines can be found in the Governance section of this web site. The Committee considers potential candidates suggested by stockholders and applies the same standards in considering candidates submitted by stockholders as it does in evaluating candidates submitted by other sources.

All submissions of potential director candidates must be made in writing, delivered to Hillshire Brands’ Secretary, Kent Magill, Hillshire Brands Company, 400 S. Jefferson Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607, and must comply with the procedures described in Article I, Section 10 of Hillshire Brands’ Bylaws. For complete details, please refer to the Bylaws, which are available under the Governance link on the page.


Communications Regarding Accounting, Internal Controls or Auditing Matters

Reports or concerns regarding Hillshire Brands’ accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters can be communicated, on a confidential, anonymous basis, by sending an email to or calling:

+1.800.285.7964 (available toll-free outside the U.S. using the local AT&T Direct access number)

+1.312.345.5715 (reverse charges outside the U.S.)