• image description JIMMY DEAN BREAKFAST BOWL

    Savor your morning
    enjoy Your Day

    The Jimmy Dean brand launched in 1969 and today is America’s number one breakfast sausage. Over the years, the brand broadened its frame of reference from breakfast sausage and has evolved into an iconic breakfast brand. Following a strategy designed to unlock growth, the business expanded into adjacencies, resulting in a variety of product offerings including breakfast sandwiches, bowls and fully cooked sausages. The Jimmy Dean Delights line of convenient breakfast items is popular with consumers because of its great taste under 300 calories. The Jimmy Dean brand is fast approaching $1 billion, with #1 shares in all categories in which it competes and substantial revenue and gross margin growth potential moving forward. We intend to implement this proven success model across the portfolio, and we anticipate solid growth and innovation to follow.


    Better Guy Food
    for Better Guy Times

    Since 1957, the Ball Park business has focused on making hot dogs that are meaty, juicy and bold. The Ball Park frank became an immediate success and quickly expanded nationally. Today the Ball Park brand is now the #1 brand of hot dogs with a reputation for great taste and quality. The brand is focused on providing “better guy food for better guy times.” The rules for guy food are simple – Make it tasty. Make it fast. And it doesn’t hurt if you can cook it over a fire on a stick. Understanding the essence of the brand led to the recent introduction of new products such as Flame Grilled Beef Patties. We also continue to build the brand with the Angus platform, including products such as Angus Brats and Angus Beef Hot Links. In fiscal 2013, the Ball Park brand will introduce the next evolution of guy food – substantial “guy-worthy” snacks. Flame grilled beef and chicken sliders, bakery wrapped franks and pepperoni and cheese Stadium Stuffers® hot dogs will make their debuts. After all, nothing makes guy time better than better guy food.


    Better Meats
    for Better Meals

    The Hillshire Farm brand has been providing quality meat products since 1934. Founded on a heritage of quality, craftsmanship and innovation that drive the brand to this day, the Hillshire Farm brand is nearly a $1 billion brand. Its products are versatile, easy to use and available in convenient stay-fresh packaging in a variety of cuts, sizes and flavors. During this past fiscal year, the brand extended into more “taste adventure” varieties of its leading sausage products, with flavors such as beef and jalapeno with monterey jack cheese (pictured left), sweet Italian with peppers and mozzarella, and chicken apple with Gouda cheese. In fiscal 2013, the brand will upgrade its marketing, packaging and product quality across the entire portfolio. The Hillshire Farm portfolio of quality meats includes: Hillshire Farm lunchmeat, Hillshire Farm sausages and Lit’l Smokies® cocktail links and Hillshire Farm hams.

  • image description STATE FAIR FIESTA CORN DOGS

    Simple family fun

    Over 50 years ago, a revolutionary fun food was created at the Texas State Fair. This honey-batter-wrapped hot dog was a best seller then and continues to be a best seller, putting smiles on the faces of our customers. Today, the State Fair brand is a $200 million brand and is the #1 corn dog in the U.S. State Fair corn dogs are perfect for kids’ meals, snacks, appetizers, parties or any meal occasion. They have the great taste that both parents and kids love. In addition, they are popular with our foodservice customers who love the minimal preparation time, grab and go convenience, and the great taste of this American classic. The State Fair name has strong brand equity and brand awareness, providing a strong foundation for growth. Look for new flavor offerings, including our Fiesta® corn dog (pictured left), to be launched in fiscal 2013.


    Exceptional taste

    In 1983, Chef Bruce Aidells started making artisan chicken sausage, and it immediately became an everyday must-have for busy home cooks. The reason was simple: Bruce’s passion was to make the very best chicken sausage – ever. After the tasty success of his first sausage – Chicken Apple, still an Aidells bestseller – Bruce outgrew his home kitchen. But he never outgrew his commitment to crafting sausage by hand using the most exceptional ingredients he could find. The Aidells brand has been a part of the Hillshire Brands family since May 2011. Today, it is the #1 super premium smoked sausage in the U.S. Aidells products compliment the portfolio with access to high-end and niche retailers and the consumers who frequent them. The business uses in-store sampling to drive trial and touches more than 20 million consumers annually. The Aidells brand has grown over the years, but still believes in doing things the way Bruce did: with extraordinary care and passion.

  • image description GALLO SALAME PEPPERONI


    Gallo Salame is the #1 salame brand on the west coast. Founded in 1910 by Louis Gabiati, the brand’s salame isn’t just a recipe or a process, it’s an art that has been passed down through generations. Gabiati came to San Francisco from northern Italy determined to make Americans passionate about the old-world tradition of dry salame. More than a century later, the artisanal quality of the Gallo Salame products remain on-trend with today’s consumer taste preferences. Like the Aidells brand, the Gallo Salame brand supports its business with in-store sampling to drive trial and provides exposure to the high-end premium meat consumer. The Gallo Salame business still makes its products with the same care and integrity as Louis did. The business uses the finest meats, an unhurried natural aging process, and robust flavor that people expect in Italian dry salame and pepperoni from the Gallo Salame brand.